Early YearsEdit

The Fall of PersiaEdit

Rashad was a terrorist, a man that deserved death as soon as he picked up the blade. He was abused as a child by his family, beaten and tortured. On the night of his 14th year, while his family was sleeping, he picked up his father's sword and gave himself the sweetest gift he could think of. He bathed in the blood of his family, the sword red all the way down to the hilt. The blood stained the blade, leaving it red from the blood that he had spilled.

He craved death… He was obsessed with it. He was the cause of the fall of a great empire. When he was 27 he had already killed hundreds of men, women, and children alike, but on this day… he had killed millions. He had gathered an army of those who hated the Persian empire and stormed the capital. He made doubly sure that no one survived. Not even those he was allied with. He smiled, rain hammering down on him. Blood… blood was everywhere and loved it. As he was making his way out of the front gate, a man dressed in rags had came up behind him and shoved his sword through his back. Rashad fell and hit the ground on his back staring up as the clouds parted to reveal the full moon and glowing blue eyes of the man who had just put an end to his life.

Iram of The PillarsEdit

The Gods' were not sated by the death of this monster, they wanted him to repent for what he has done. They decided to banish him from death, to make him right his awful wrongs.

He opened his eyes to reveal him standing alone in the darkness, he was standing in the dead center of Ubar. Iram of The Pillars.

Rashad couldn't move as the sand around him rose up, the demons of Ubar masking themselves in sand before they attacked him. Tearing through his body and shredding it to pieces. He fell back, the demons pushing him down into the sand.

The sand entombed him and stuck to him, filling his body and tearing out his eyes. He stayed there for days on end until Ubar began to quake, the sand was churning and rumbling. Not until the sand exploded out from the dead center of Ubar did the Demons realize their horrible mistake.

They couldn't escape Ubar as it sunk into the sand, buildings collapsed and the demons were frantically looking for an escape. They found nothing, this was punishment for what they had done. A Punishment from God.

Rashads' rage tore the city down into the sands leaving nothing behind but the cold wind the went through the Rub' Al Khali.

Rashad stood alone in the sands once more, another city destroyed by his hands. He was changed, his skin was flowing like the sand around him, his eyes golden and filled with sand, his breath like the desert wind during the day. This wasn't a man anymore.

His roar could be heard throughout the entire Rub' al Khali, his anger immeasurable.


Rashad had nothing to do with the capture of Jerusalem, he was one of the many who was attempting to defend it against the Templars. The invasion came out of nowhere, he was chasing down a lead on a relic when it hit.

Weeks into the siege, the Knights Templar had finally pushed into the city and Rashad was forced to leave the city in the hands of the Christian forces.


17th CenturyEdit

Rashad knew about the rise of pirates around the globe and he wasn't going to let them take what they wanted, especially when they took lives. So Rashad took up the alias of a English man, his body changing to fit the disguise. He went under the name of John Mission and founded a civilization known as Libertalia, where pirates could be free from the restraints of government. Only Rashad knew it's true intentions.

Pirates flooded to Libertalia, thinking they found their new home. Pirate Captains and crew all alike came to live in freedom. It didn't last long. When the city couldn't hold any more people, Rashad launched his plan.

From the inside of New Devon, he held a ball for all of the Pirate Captains that had the misfortune to find such a place. Once the first toast was made, Rashad dropped the disguise to everyone's surprise. No one could get away fast enough, the waters of Libertalia ran red with the blood of Pirates. Bodies were scattered throughout New Devon, shredded corpses, dismembered limbs, and organs covered every inch of the forsaken city.

The city were the crews lived weren't spared a merciful fate, buildings were torn and the ships destroyed before they could even leave the harbor. No one was allowed to leave this bloodied island, and Rashad wasn't going to let them walk away.

Libertalia now exists as a dead city filled with nothing but blood, another city lost due to Rashad.

Modern DayEdit

In the decades after his death people began to turn his existence into culture. Naming him the “Alrrimal Alshshaytan”. Sand Devil. Some of the arabians thought him the God of Sand, some a deity, but most thought he was a ravenous creature that tore through the sand and dragged the wicked to their demise. In the present… He has been modernized into the boogeyman. A little story parents told their children so they wouldn't get into trouble, but a few parents know just how real Rashad is.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rashad possesses the ability to sense anyone touching the ground within 500 meters of his person.


  • Geokinesis: Ymir can lift things up to 100 tons. His strength is greater than that of any other Frost or Ice Giant.
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  • Immortality: Rashad is seemingly long-lived. He is barred from death.


  • Expert hand to hand combatant
  • Intimidation
  • Master Swordsman
  • Can speak all known languages
  • Indomitable will
  • A master of over 50 martial arts, focused around the most lethal types

Strength LevelEdit

30 Tons; Rashad can press up to thirty tons.


  • Water: Water can slow him down
  • Heat: if his entire body is heated, can recover if more sand is nearby



  • Longsword
  • Scimitar
  • Throwing daggers
  • Pouch (Filled with sand)
  • Spiked Cestus



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